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Strong Mum-to-Be Membership

Creating strong and healthy mums at every stage of pregnancy.

Our Strong Mum-to-be Program is coming soon...

Our Strong Mum-to-be Program is the sister program to our Strong Mums Post Natal Exercise Program.

We want to be able to support you through all stages of pregnancy and into Motherhood so this program will include workouts based on your stage of pregnancy. Broken down into blocks within the first, second and third trimester, as well as your early post natal return to exercise.

At the end of the program (and once you beautiful baby enters the world), you will graduate to our Strong Mums program so we can continue to support you well into Motherhood.

Our number one aim is to give women confidence to know what is safe and what you are capable of doing while growing a tiny human. You are strong, capable and we are here to support you have a more enjoyable pregnancy experience.

Our Strong Mum-to-be baby is still baking but we are so close to popping! If you want to be the first to know when it arrives, join our wait list. We look forward to you joining us soon. 

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Be the first to know when this program goes live. I promise I'll do my best to make it arrive before your baby does. 

Melissa Woodward

When women meet me they often say "I wish I knew you when I was having my kids" and the truth is that I wish I knew me too. I wish I had a person I could connect with, trust and learn about how to care for my body through all stages of motherhood. I have 2 young boys and the more I struggled in my own experience, the more information I have sought to educate myself and pass onto my clients. I'm passionate about sharing the message of what we can do in pregnancy and motherhood to overcome the fears. I aim to be the person you can ask your questions and if I don't know I can point you in the right direction.


Mum of Four

Her workouts are 30 mins. That’s a pocket of time I can commit. Complete them in the comfort of my own home - no time wasted travelling to and from a venue. Support from a woman who gets mum life and isn't yelling don't stop, instead encouragement to listen to your body and build your fitness over time.

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