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Strong Mums Membership

Our Online Post Natal Exercise Program. Creating strong and healthy mums with exercise, education and connection.

Program Summary

Strong Mums is our signature Post Natal Exercise program for mums of any age and stage of motherhood.

Simple, convenient workouts for you to complete in the comfort of your own home. The program combines live workouts with your Coach and other mum members for motivation and routine. With additional recorded workouts for you to schedule however your week turns out.

We are also passionate about sharing women’s health education to support your body as it recovers from pregnancy and to keep up with the demands of growing children. Our health education aims to assist you in managing and preventing pain, understanding the changes occurring and knowing that help is available. You no longer have to put up with things that you have been told are just part of motherhood. 

Benefits of Post Natal Exercise:
  • Prevent pain by improving strength
  • Feel strong and full of energy to keep up with work, life and the kids.
  • Promotes a safe return to exercise, preventing long term women’s health issues
  • An outlet for stress and anxiety of motherhood and life with baby.
  • Improves pelvic floor strength and coordination to prevent leaking during activity.

  • Our program is safe for women experiencing pelvic floor weakness, prolapse, abdominal separation and other women’s health issues. 

Melissa Woodward


Mum of Four

"Her workouts are 30 mins. That’s a pocket of time I can commit. Complete them in the comfort of my own home - no time wasted travelling to and from a venue. Support from a woman who gets mum life and isn't yelling don't stop, instead encouragement to listen to your body and build your fitness over time."

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